Aunty’s Ramen, Honolulu, HI

(Pictured: My customized build-your-own ramen bowl)

(I recently visited Oahu and ate a lot. So this is the first of many posts about my food adventures on the island.)

Aunty’s Ramen is one of those hometown restaurants and everyone is so happy because they’re full of food. At Aunty’s, you get seated first, but then you plop right back up to go get your fixins for your bowl. First you pick up a basket and a pair of tongs. Then you walk down the aisle of refrigerated goods, including seafood and vegetables. When you’re done with your basket, you wait in line to order your noodles, meats, and broth. At the register, Aunty takes your basket and you pay by weight of the basket. If you order any meat, they cost $2 each type of meat. You probably wait at your table for about 5-10 minutes for your bowl and it comes out piping hot. Aunty’s is my newest obsession and I wish she could open one here on the mainland!

Make sure to save room for dessert. It’s also make your own! You go up to the little dessert bar and put whatever you want, like boba, mango stars, jello, etc. and they put it on a bed of shave ice. Delicious!


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