Icicles, San Jose

(Pictured: Nutella & Chill with customized toppings)

Thai-style ice cream rolls have made it here to the Bay Area. What a neat concept! At Icicles, you pick your ice cream. Then the person making your ice cream calls out your name and you get to watch them make it by hand. They pour out the milk and add the toppings to the ice cream and then the magic happens. In a span of about 5 minutes, your ice cream is ready. Then you go to the toppings bar where you get to choose as many as you would like to add to your dessert. I chose a mint oreo, roasted marshmallow, mochi, and nutella. There’s another area where customers can choose other toppings that include cereal, nuts, etc. And voila! Your dessert is complete! It really is fun to watch them make it right in front of you. I’ve heard the wait at Icicles can get to an hour, but luckily I went early in the day and waited about half an hour total for my ice cream. They’re opening up a shop in San Mateo, as well. Closer to home!


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